Paraziții - Parc as f**e ceva versuri + traducere în Engleză

Parazitii parca as fi e ceva


    When ya'll were goin to vote to choose parazitii parca as fi e ceva I was contemplating on the couch and i'd kinda fuck something When the women is histericalcause 'tis her way of being I look at her I'd kinda fuck something ELSE : Of course not and prolly yes I'm condamnedyou're my punishment I'm "admiring " yaheavy hearted And i'd kinda fuck something else Ya mouth touches your tits Ya stomach is on ya pussy and ya have short feet Ya're ugly as fuck I've asked myself times and times again on what drugs I was when i combined myself with ya We do a crossword puzzle.

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    Since we're toghether i'm not spoilling myself no more The comunication is all, Ya bitch hear it out If love's winning over all, i'd kinda fuck something Fuck itif it's not sexthan an enema's to be We get the oscar at pornography, with no lights We're doin it too often, don't bite the hand that "helps you" I've fucked ya at the earthquake, i'll fuck ya again at next eclipse I advise ya the fast cure and intense praying 10 years, 20 years, it's illegal to fuck the pussy There is loveya're the love of mine But if we're on the topic ,